The New Johntext Author From Texas: Melissa Studdard

Johntext hat eine neue Autorin aus den USA. Melissa Studdard ist Professorin, Autorin und Talkshow Gast. Ich bin glücklich und stolz, sie vorstellen zu dürfen.

Hans-Jürgen John

Melissa Studdard is a professor and author I do not know personally. She looks pretty good. She writes very good. And what I found out is: She is a caring, both for her daughter and the output of her thoughts and personal aims: her poems and her books and the readers of them.

I met Melissa Studdard – similar to the other Johntext Authors – on Facebook. The only ones who I met in real life till now is John P. Matthew from Mumbai/India (he writes on Johntext India) and Marta Maciejewska from Poland (she can be contacted on Johntext Poland). John P. Matthew became the first Johntext Author. He is editing his new book now and writes less here but that is no problem. Johntext Authors do not live in fear of being dismissed – it can become a job and pleasure for a lifetime.

Johntext – literature with purpose to help – is like a huge tree on a meadow. Under its leaves and branches authors and those who want to become writers gather and feel comfortable. We are a community and the only aim we have is to help others in the broadest sense. Those who get their motivation and energy for their aims from hate will not join Johntext. The evil does not like the good. Besides there are no human beings who are totally evil and totally good. I tend to state that the evil and the good are inside of us and we have the task to take control of the one by the other.

While building this website for Melissa I got in contact with her posts and articles and books and personal thoughts and I found out: I have sympathy for her.


She loves animals especially her cat Henry – a characteristic trait she shares with other Johntext Authors like Klaus J. Gerken – Johntext Canada. Indeed Henry is so cute.

Well, there is a professor and author. But she is a human being with all the hopes and problems we all face and share. In «A little break every now and then…» she gives insight. Melissa is a hard working woman who deserves our admiration.

In «You stand back up» she says: Thank You! to all friends. Without their love and support even a workaholic cannot reach all she achieved.

I wish Melissa all the best and Happy Writing! on Johntext. Hopefully there will be more authors like her who are inspiration and models for others.

Melissa Studdard is on Facebook and Twitter. She writes on Johntext Texas. Visit her personal homepage and find out about events and her books and contact her there. More information is available on Wikipedia.

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